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**Introducing Our "Sak Pase" Notebook - An Ode to Haiti's Beauty and Resilience!**


Our "Sak Pase" Notebook pays tribute to the captivating beauty and unwavering spirit of Haiti. Featuring the silhouette of Haiti's landmarks and skyline on the dark grey back cover, this notebook invites you to fill its pages with your thoughts, dreams, and memories inspired by this remarkable nation.


**Product Details:**

- 118 Ruled Line Pages: A canvas for your thoughts, memories, and dreams inspired by Haiti.

- Dark Grey Back Cover: A stylish and dignified design featuring the silhouette of Haiti's iconic landmarks and skyline.

- Compact and Portable: Your enduring companion for journaling, wherever you go.



Sak Pase Spiral Notebook

SKU: 10396397417676219998
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